Image Spiritual retreat: thinking, meditating and praying

Spiritual retreat: thinking, meditating and praying

Spiritual retreat: thinking, meditating and praying

Spiritual retreats are a way to provide a deeper sense of life. They can be amazingly edifying and result in a greater realization. Devoting time in it and putting aside our constantly busy materialistic word's problems are the opportunities to have a deeper thought of what is happening in our lives.

Here's a practical guideline, step by step, to take a spiritual retreat

Creating times and finding spot

Think about the times which you are willing to take and determine whether it suits with your schedule or not. It can be either one or many days. Make all of necessary arrangements in order to protect this time from distractions and work. Find a calm spot where you can spend time alone with God. Spend your time in a shelter or a monastery where visitors are welcomed. Or, dedicating your day outside in the nature is also a good idea.

Define your intentions

Keep the aim of your retreat in mind. What are you expecting from your life? Maybe you are willing to experiment peaceful resting days or getting more clarity about a thing in your life. You maybe distinguish your vocation or a major decision of your life and want to talk about it with God.

Settle yourself with the presence of God

Once you've started your retreat, just have a time to settle yourself. Do a thing which can help both your body and your spirit to relax and steady your nerves in the current moment. Walk serenely and have a silent rest by doing some exercises of deep respiration. Allow yourself to be conscious about the presence of God.

When you feel his company around you, have a discussion about your feelings with him and your expectation as far as you existence is concerned. Ask him whatever he wants to grant you during that moment. Welcome all the emotions you get from the spirit warmly.


Let your consciousness turn back to the last week or year. How do you experiment the presence of God? Who does provide life? What was so strenuous? While you are thinking, remark the desires of your spirit which are emerging. In order to identify yourself and have a goal, for example; some helps from quotations or inspiring people like Prem Rawat can be useful.

Have connection with God

Linking yourself with God by doing convenient methods helps you to engage with him and make you perceive his presence. These following methods are advised for you to tie with God: reading the scripts, working on more focused prayers, writing a psalm, setting up a gratefulness list or hiking with God can also be a good idea. “Take care of yourself with the presence of God”. Do whatever you desire, that makes your spirit worship and listen. This prayer guideline named “create a space for God” may be useful.

Receive and give back

Think of what you have got from God during your withdrawal. What do you want to give up? And what do you want to bring in with you? There is no better way to go back from where you have been. Receive what you have been given, be confident with knowing the fact that everything which is going to happen is going to feed you as God will. And most importantly, share the peaceful message you have got with your relatives and beloved ones.

Prem Rawat, for example, is an international peace ambassador who spreads those peaceful messages about spiritual retreats all around the word.

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