Image Can religion help us find inner peace?

Can religion help us find inner peace?

Can religion help us find inner peace?

The social support and the feeling of identity, which are provided by the membership to a church, a temple or a close-knit mosque, contribute to the establishment of inner peace in each individual. After all, religion cannot be practiced separately; instead, it must be practiced within "the brotherhood of kindred spirits", who share together their burdens, while caring for the deprived people and showing them friendship and fellowship.

In fact, people who regularly attend such religious services have a larger social network. In other words, they have countless friends and acquaintances whom they count on, and who can count on them.

A divine relationship which causes consolation

An individual's relation with God can clearly be a source of comfort in times of trouble. Besides, it is the basis of a self-esteem, an unconditional feeling of being appreciated, loved and cared. Those who have that feeling have an incredible sensation of safety. Their conviction of having a God to intervene for them when they feel down will ensure an inner feeling of serenity.

Moreover, their ability to relate their identity to a biblical figure will help them understand their life and guide their paths in their lifetime. For example, they can know "How to act when you are faced with such a situation?"

Furthermore, the conviction that God has an objective in all his acts helps faithful people find a meaning in their ordinary life, and even in dramatic events. Religion and faith can help people understand that a life event is among God's vast plans, and it gives an opportunity for each individual to grow spiritually or to grow their ability to manage everything.

The high consideration that you give to your religious conviction can nurture hope, a satisfying explanation thanks to a greater, more benign goal, and obviously, a comfort.

Inner peace resulting from different means

Thanks to these following reasons, religion is a true factor to peace: 

  • Social and emotional support from the members of the congregation 
  • Sustainable identities, values and way of life 
  • Enhancing their reason for living 
  • Comfort in hard times 
  • Relief from stress and anxiety 
  • Empathy toward those who are in need 
  • Inspiration, fear and hope (for example: "I hope I can do it", "My contention is that I want to help someone today, to forgive my enemy or to save the Earth", 
  • A feeling of being able to master life constraints and have the power to overcome any challenge 
  • And probably more

Obviously, religion guarantees inner peace, and more

Even if the churches and beliefs have an important role in our quest for mind tranquility, it is not the only factor for inner peace. Self-acceptance, society and family life can also contribute to the attainment of inner tranquility. Helping the others, especially the needy are among the best ways to ensure peace within.

Hence, participating in humanitarian initiatives and volunteering like what Prem Rawat is doing, are all perfect examples of the value of sharing. In fact, this peace ambassador usually says, "Finding inner peace also means sharing it to others".

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