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Life is like a long river murmuring
[17/12 03:42AM]
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This time began to feel unfair
[14/12 04:15AM]
Wait until love has become mainstream
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Been hiding nearby and overheard
[09/12 04:46AM]
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   Been hiding nearby and overheard [09/12 04:46AM]   

Cheap Air Max, beaming, he attracted me guy, cafes, discos, hotels, these entities have long wanted to do, just have not been capital no courage to start, followed after a few days effort there is a food and beverage industry entity, with a friend after night out fooling around, place, how can he let his excitement. Satiated after a pedestrian really mighty open to Huaqingchi go sauna, Huaqing Hot Springs just near a second-rate bath Cheap Nike Shoes center, the painted breasts Banjiu the door head Banlu suspected Concubine Yang of the classical beauty, two red lanterns hung on the door, which makes clear the nature of the business premises. At midnight, the influx of a group to the waist, the name of the wine belch guests the Huaqingchi the hall, can Huaqing Pool boss terrified, I thought is was Laiza wherever he goes, see did not bring the guy to know to cheer this only smile.


Although Huaqingchi some old, but the facilities are still good, traditional Chinese medicine bath, flower bath, milk bath, steam room, sauna readily available, neither hot nor cold weather, Nike Air Max Shoes  the survival of a small business, Nike Trainers UK Tiao Hanzi. Line, you wait. Turned to leave, different minutes will be reversed, holding a thick stack of money on the Nike Trainers UK hands. Eleven thousand bar, a total of six bar, even more than the asking price of Nike Trainers UK doubled Nike Trainers UK leng business worth so much. Extra I'll loan you rescue deal. Nike Trainers UK nodded, and I took. No extra words. Turned back, and I heard behind hello brothers, thanks stopped, dim the lights to pull his shadow is very long, very stalwart, he did not look back, very casually waved and I also have his comrades. Nike Trainers UK Go back and continue to drink meat, a thin figure to come out from the shadows, directed his back knees knock three head solemnly.


Been hiding nearby and overheard the hairy child. Back seat, Cheap Air Max asked the brother, boss comes to you losers? Faint said nothing, I downright plate down. Cheap Air Max eyes suddenly sluggish, then jumped up and eat barbecue not great money next to some kid followed his noisy excitement, heard on a few tables nearby side lively, although we do not know what matter is also followed naughty, a clink of glasses, cheers. As if to kick Cheap Air Max want to freeload, the door did notTimberland Shoes UK stall or Nike Trainers UK tube, you find a few brothers wandering around at night, looking at the point on the line, a friend brought over to take care of business, must not let outsiders.



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